On the day of reckoning, when the wings of Drakiru fall and a purple feather seeks solitude at the cascade, a great light fills the sky and all the winds above expire.

Revolution has recently touched the face of the ärdrakin empire and much is changing. Unrest plagues the Dragon Temple and the royal court. Who is friend and who is foe? Dezrimé, a young empress, isn’t sure. Zai’al just wants to erase the damage of the past. Vyškaríel sees a glorious future for them all. But always the prophecy looms, speaking of a great tragedy to befall the people. Many wonder: When, if at all, will it come to pass?

Elsewhere in the galaxy, Arlayn, a young skavz female, finds herself supporting a war she despises. Her outspokenness results in punishment: she is given to Enarr, a scientist who experiments on her. The damage goes deep, and when Arlayn begins having visions of events that have yet to happen and can recall memories of places she has never been, she finds herself drawn irresistibly into the war, pushed to discover what the change she has experienced means and how it ties horribly to the ardrakin prophecy.

Genre: Galactic Fantasy
Warnings: Mature Language, Situations, and Sexual Content
Status: Work-in-progress (in redevelopment)