My writing is often inspired by music, and All Our Sins is no exception. These pieces fit with certain themes, characters, scenes, etc, making them an unofficial soundtrack for AOS!

The song titles in the list below link to individual videos on YouTube (if available). Or, click here for one continuous playlist!

Title Artist Notes
All Our Sins VNV Nation The story’s title track.
Prelude VNV Nation Exactly what it sounds like: a prelude track to set atmosphere for the story.
Heart of Thorns Theme Maclaine Diemer The “official” theme for AOS!
Kiseki no Umi
(Sea of Miracles)
Yoko Kanno If AOS was animated, this song would be perfect for the opening credits. See the translation!
Civilization IV Medley Jack Wall Ambient. I imagine this as one type of music ardrakin would compose, sing, and listen to. It has a tribal slant to it which matches well with the clan structure of their society. When I listen to this I envision the sweeping expanses of the homeworld and the imperial city, the people going about their daily activities and otherwise enjoying life.
To Glory Two Steps From Hell A good approximation of what an anthem for the ardrakin would sound like.
Healing Ceremony James Horner Rituals remain a strong part of ardrakin society despite (or perhaps because of) their technological advances. Music like this evokes the deep spiritual atmosphere that would be present during something like one of their healing ceremonies.
Stamina Rose Yoko Kanno Chanting and air dance is an important part of ardrakin rituals, including those of the Dragon Temple. Ardrakin are a passionate and energetic people, which the pulsing beat of this music reflects. Something like this would have been performed at Zai’al’s Ascension.
(Spirit Dance)
Dead Can Dance Ancestor worship was an important part of early ardrakin society. In modern times, elders and ancestors are revered and respected for their knowledge, achievements, and contributions toward building and maintaining the empire. A spirit dance might be performed to call upon the strength, courage, and blessing of the ancestors.
Industrial Love In Strict Confidence Main theme for the skavz. It’s quite reflective of the mob mentality of their society. This was the first piece of music to strike me as being suitable for AOS!
Isa Wardruna As with Stamina Rose, this song sounds like something that would be heard echoing within the Dragon Temple as part of some kind of prayer or ritual to the goddess.
Tyr Wardruna This song is another that suggests the kind of music that ardrakin would compose, sing, and listen to. The sounds leading into the start of the song almost make me think of applause with some kind of fine rods (because ardrakin have sharp talons and nobody wants to shred their fingers by banging them together). I envision singing is a social clan activity done around a central fire, to celebrate victories and other events, relive epic battles, mourn the passing of loved ones, and just to relax for a good time together with food and drink. Tyr would be the kind of song sung for a more solemn or serious gathering.
Raido Wardruna In ancient times, to transition from adolescence to adulthood in order to be considered proper clan warriors, young ardrakin had to complete a ritual “hunt” in the wild jungles of Drakiru: capture and subsequently tame a large wolf/cougar/horselike animal (one of Drakiru’s other apex predators) as a war mount and lifetime companion (despite ardrakin being able to fly)—a dangerous and probably bloody adventure. This ritual persists to present day even if most wars take place out among the stars. The clans still happily fight among themselves at home, and who wants to go to war without a proper war mount? Raido speaks to the relationship the ardrakin have with their war mounts.
Kingdom VNV Nation A secondary theme for Gannik. Creepy for how well it suits him and his motivations!
The Fallen Steve Jablonsky Vyskariel’s theme. This piece reinforces all the very sinister vibes Vys has going for him. He is a strong, ambitious character, but also brutal, dark, and dangerous.
Theme from Voltaic Jack Wall If this had been written for an animated version of AOS, it would be called “Daenan’s Sorrow” and would play during scenes beginning with the incident at the temple.
Fly Céline Dion A song like this might be sung at an ardrakin funeral. The lyrics speak well to traditional ardrakin beliefs about being fearless in the face of death, rejoining the spirits and ancestors among the cosmic winds, and eventually being born again.
Lost in Paradise Evanescence A song that captures how Daenan feels after the deaths of her parents.
Touch the Sky Julie Fowlis A song for Daenan once she breaks out on her own and begins to find herself again.
Lady of Worlds Miracle of Sound Daenan’s theme. Speaks to her internal conflict about her identity and the path her life needs to take.
Castle Halsey Daenan eventually discovers she can’t avoid her destiny.
You Can Still Be Free Darren Hayes Arlayn’s theme.
Your World Will Fail Les Friction A personal message from Gannik to Daenan. Ahem.
Purushayita Epica Ambient. This piece reminds me of various activities and elements in the story, as if it could play in the background of certain scenes. It also evokes emotional imagery of characters like Daenan and Zai’al—and screams “music video” to me!
Song of the Dragonfly Tom Aragon Ambient. Drakinvir are cute, spunky, and temperamental creatures that are fond of biting unsupervised fingers—but they also have their own sort of quiet majesty, as any dragon should (even miniature ones). In the story, one drakinvir in particular is perhaps a bit more majestic than the others, and this song would be his theme.
Corn Amused Jean-Pierre Isaac Theme for the ardrakin. This piece brings to mind images of the way the Dragon Mother and her temple is intended to be as opposed to how Zai’al’s ambition has corrupted both.
In the Air Tonight Phil Collins An image song for Bal’al and Zai’al. This music would play during the conflict which arises between these characters.
UruR Wardruna This song brings images to mind of legions of ardrakin cavalry and airborne warriors clashing on battlefields over clan territories and warriors chanting and drumming for victory over their rivals.
Blow Me Away Breaking Benjamin A generic sort of battle theme for the various conflicts in the story. Ardrakin have an aggressive streak and combat is an important part of their culture. This song would probably play during scenes with space battles!
Pride Simon Collins A secondary theme for Arlayn and the main theme song of the skavz dissident forces.
All Of Who You Are Simon Collins Inspirational. A secondary theme for the skavz.
World on Fire Les Friction When all seems lost, someone will come to save the day…more or less.
Dark Matter Les Friction A supervillain theme for Gannik. The lyrics and overall sound of this song speak well to downright super bad guy badness.
Who Will Save You Now Les Friction There are survivors…and instead of lying down and accepting defeat, they’re coming back for revenge at any cost. Who will save you now? They survived and nothing can stop them. No one can save you.
Louder Than Words Les Friction When it comes time for the ardrakin to kick ass, they’re going to kick that ass hard…and loudly!
See Who I Am Within Temptation An image song for Arlayn and Daenan. This song will make more sense to readers once Arlayn has been introduced in the story. :)
Light Years Away Simon Collins Inspirational. Speaks to certain themes in the story. Also a theme for the genesi.
Winter In July Sarah Brightman Inspirational. Speaks to various conflicts/choices the characters and their societies face.
The Dream Within Lara Fabian Inspirational. Speaks to certain themes in the story.
The Farthest Star VNV Nation An uplifting song for the resolution of the story.
Further VNV Nation If AOS was animated, this song would play during the end credits.