• Got Bread?
    Got Bread?
  • The English Robin
    The English Robin
  • Afternoon Snooze
    Afternoon Snooze
  • Waterton Lakes Valley
    Waterton Lakes Valley
  • Magic Mushrooms
    Magic Mushrooms
  • Vino sulla Vite
    Vino sulla Vite
  • Fairy Stream
    Fairy Stream
  • Sunset Smoke
    Sunset Smoke
  • Om Nom Nom
    Om Nom Nom
  • Summer Lake Cabin
    Summer Lake Cabin
  • Stormy Mountain Sunset
    Stormy Mountain Sunset

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  • Rave Reviews

    Beautiful yarn, just as pictured. Shipping was fast and yarn arrived in perfect condition.

    Maureen BrooksJuly 2019

    I LOVE IT!! Colour is as shown and it's so soft and smooth. I can't wait to work with it.

    Amy WalkerJuly 2019

    Arrived promptly, and exactly as described. The colours are true to the picture and absolutely beautiful.

    Stephanie MorrowJuly 2019

    The yarn is luscious and smooth, and perfect for my intended gift project. In fact, I'm loving it so much, I thinking of ordering more for myself...maybe in the mulberry silk!

    LaGrosseMarmotteJuly 2019

    I really enjoyed working with both yarns. They felt soft and bouncy, they didn’t split at all while crocheting, the yarn colours didn’t fade at all after soaking (a very important test!), and both blocked out beautifully. And I think the results speak for themselves – the two shawls I made from my yarn are just gorgeous in these rich colours.

    June GilbankJuly 2019PlanetJune


    To Ship Free, Or Not To Ship Free

    To Ship Free, Or Not To Ship Free

    31 July 2019
    That is the question. On July 9, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman sent this letter to all Etsy sellers. The gist of it is this: Etsy has decided it’s in everybody’s best interest if they prioritize sellers offering free shipping on orders of $35 or more to US buyers. This decision took effect on July 30....
    What’s Up With This Twitter Timeline, Anyway?

    What’s Up With This Twitter Timeline, Anyway?

    26 July 2019
    The other day I was asked why there’s, well, non-yarn stuff in the Twitter timeline for ‘s brand account. It’s a fair question, especially for anyone who has only recently become aware of my content via my yarn, so I thought I’d take a moment to talk about it. I’ve been running this website since...

    Extended Shop FAQ

    13 July 2019
    This FAQ is an extended version of the one that can be found in the shop....

    I Stand With Ravelry

    26 June 2019
    I stand with Ravelry’s policy update. I get why some people are offended by the policy wording. Nobody likes being called out for “thing = bad”. I vote conservative in Canada but the truth is there are really shitty things going on perpetrated by really shitty people who happen to be conservative leaders. The ultimate...