• Got Bread?
    Got Bread?
  • The English Robin
    The English Robin
  • Afternoon Snooze
    Afternoon Snooze
  • Waterton Lakes Valley
    Waterton Lakes Valley
  • Magic Mushrooms
    Magic Mushrooms
  • Vino sulla Vite
    Vino sulla Vite
  • Fairy Stream
    Fairy Stream
  • Sunset Smoke
    Sunset Smoke
  • Om Nom Nom
    Om Nom Nom
  • Summer Lake Cabin
    Summer Lake Cabin
  • Stormy Mountain Sunset
    Stormy Mountain Sunset

Picture Policy

My Art and Photos

This site is not Public Domain. Read the Copyright Notice for more information.

The only place suitable for the display of my pictures is Incyanity. Permission to display art I’ve drawn for others is given only to the person the art was intended for.

While the character in any pic I’ve done for someone else belongs to the person who created it, the actual drawing is my property. This art may not be given out, altered, or otherwise distributed without my permission.

Art given to you must be credited to me (Shai or Sakaane) and linked to Incyanity (https://incyanity.net) by the picture or thumbnail or on your credits page.

You MAY:

  • reference my poses (as many of them are already borrowed).
  • reference my photos (but no photomanips without my permission).
  • use my pictures to make buttons or banners to link to Incyanity.
  • use my art to make buttons or banners to link to your site but only if you are the creator of the character in the drawing.


  • alter my pictures electronically. Borrowing poses means drawing your picture by hand.
  • remove the watermark from my pictures. It’s there for a reason.
  • use the tribal dragon watermark on your art/photos, website, or anywhere else.
  • display/use my pictures on your website or anywhere else, except with permission.
  • pretend you drew my pictures.
  • say you own or created any of the characters featured in picture(s) that are not yours.
  • use my art in any derogatory fashion.

Guest Art

I love receiving guest (fan) art. Who doesn’t? It’s fun to see how other people interpret my characters. Thanks for taking the time! I just ask for the following guidelines to be kept in mind:

  • Please do not use a computer to edit someone else’s lineart to match my characters. Use original images as a reference.
  • Draw with good judgment. I will accept art with erotic or violent subject matter so long as the image is done in good taste.