I’ve been home now for a few months. I feel I’ve settled in to ILF and am content. My attention has returned to my original goals: routing out the Serpentis and improving life here for everyone. ILF’s platform of secession appeals to me nicely. I think Njal would approve.

I’m not sure exactly what made me think of it, but I went out for a walk in the station and found myself at a salon. It was a small place, but clean, and the staff drones had been programmed well enough. Once I was sat down, I was asked what I wanted. At first I couldn’t answer, just stared at my reflection in the mirror. Perhaps it was just some unconscious desire to put the last few years behind me that drove me there, a desire to finally slough off any lingering upset and turmoil. With ILF I finally have a home and a purpose beyond the basic revenge I sought when I left Intaki so long ago. I can move ahead.

In the end, I pulled the pin out of my hair and took off the headdress I’ve worn nearly every day of my adult life. The fan of hair fell flat around my shoulders and I was actually surprised to really notice for the first time how long it’s become. In the end I asked only for a trim to neaten up the ends, and spent the time reprogramming the pin. The fan style is still in there, but for now I think it’s time for something…different.

When the drone was finished it put my hair up for me, pinning it into a twist at the back of my head. Functional and neat.

I thought about putting the headdress back on but decided not to. It remains an important item to me but…for now it’s also time to move on from it.

After I left the salon I wandered down the boulevard a bit and came to a tattoo parlour. This choice was easier. It’d been in my head for some time to have it changed. The new one reminds me why I am here and who I am fighting for.

I went home feeling refreshed and…lighter, somehow.

Sakaane Eionell

Sakaane Eionell