I attended ILF’s fifth anniversary celebration tonight at the Intaki Cultural Center. There were quite a lot of people there which was very satisfying to see. The security arrangements Bataav and I tended to seemed more than adequate and I’m relieved there were no problems. We had excellent weather too!

The speech the Suresha gave was not what I expected. He actually spent very little—almost no—time talking about ILF’s five years, and I wonder how many in attendance were disappointed about that. As one of the corporation’s newer faces I would have liked to have heard about ILF’s beginnings, milestones…a story about a favorite memory or a particular achievement which specifically highlights our cause. Some will say he hijacked the anniversary specifically to make a political statement rather than simply enjoying the occasion and being thankful for the successes everyone has contributed to.

Still, I quite approve of and agree with everything he said. Capsuleers have it so easy: we can essentially do whatever we want, whenever we want, and there are very few other than our peers who would ever have the means to stop us. It’s easy to choose death and destruction, but those pursuits are shallow and ultimately unfulfilling. Imagine if the entire pod community put that same effort into building a better New Eden. If we could so easily burn the cluster to a black cinder with our power, we could just as easily turn it into the brightest shining beacon of light.

I’m not a hopeless romantic though. I know it will never really turn out that way. Those of us who do care will still strive forward, and even if not for all of New Eden, hope to achieve at least some of that goal for Intaki.

Jyotmimana attended too and for the first time I was able to meet him face to face. In person he gives off the same sad, lonely air that I perceived from our prior, limited exchanges. I’m still confused why he departed so abruptly. I know he’s been working with Bataav of late, though I’m not clear on the details, and it would have been nice to get to know him better, especially if he will be stealing my man from me from time to time!

Mammal often has a variety of colorful things to say about Jyotmi and I think he would tell me the man’s odd behavior today must certainly be an indicator of his scheming. I’d rather believe Bataav when he said Jyotmimana has had occasion to change his affiliations. Certainly, Bataav wouldn’t collaborate with Jyotmi if there was any chance the work had an ignoble nature.

I met Corelous Alterrian briefly for the first time as well but haven’t made up my mind yet about him. Once or twice before our paths have crossed in space. There is something about him that rubs me the wrong way, most especially about what I’ve heard regarding why and how he left ILF. I’ll have to see what this proposal of his entails.