Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Caldari Prime Memorial in Luminaire.

Interesting that they feel justified in holding a memorial for their own people to decry the acts of the Gallente who bombarded the surface in the first war, when a Titan remains parked over the planet with standing orders to bombard its segregated Gallente districts, as well as all of Gallente Prime itself, if the Gallente retaliate. The Caldari sneer and hike up their noses at the Federation and yet they are quite content to conduct themselves in the very same manner as the ancestors of the people they despise.

And yet… The Caldari threat to glass the surface seems to be so very empty. The Gallente certainly retaliated, and even if the CONCORD militia act sanctions war activities between the empires, nothing has been gained: the fighting continues, systems remain contested, and the titan sits idle. And for what? What a waste of time, money, effort, life.

A Caldari pilot, Gorion Wassenar, surprised me with his comments about the current conflict:

“This time the Caldari have no noble ambitions of independence, survival or self-determination. Naked ambition, blind patriotism and the lust for power and empire are the only companions of the Caldari Fleet in Gallente space.

“This year we shall also mourn the loss of the great and noble virtues that the people of the Caldari State once held dear. … The State that I knew is dead. Heth has corrupted it to a point that our ancestors shall be shamed for eternity over the warping of our cause [from] the right of all to choose their destiny, to abandoning all of ours for his.”

Apparently these sentiments caused a great deal of furor within the State. Why? It is a correct observation. Are the Caldari so high on themselves they cannot stomach when one of their own sticks them with the truth? So, it is easier to flail and create a fuss than to contemplate how they have gone astray. They are the epitome of arrogance…

Then Wassenar said, “We could have done better.” How extraordinary. Is this man actually Caldari born? Too bad there are not more like him. I would not be surprised if the Provists try to arrange for this pilot to have an “accident” in the near future simply to silence his reason. The war is a “tool of political ambition” indeed. Heth has preyed on the fears and ignorance of his own people, driving them into a pointless warmongered frenzy. The State had established itself as its own entity outside of the Federation and yet that wasn’t good enough.

It’s true the Gallente were wrong to oust them from Luminaire in the manner they did all those generations ago…and while I can understand why their homeworld matters to them…it is still history. The perpetrators of those crimes are long since dead and the Caldari are incapable of letting it go. They cannot be “the better person”. The idea of coming to the diplomatic table for their homeworld like a reasoned adult probably never crossed anyone’s mind—they are slaves to a mob mentality of hate and bloodlust and it never ends, all perpetuated by that slime Heth.

Most surprising to me, I found myself agreeing with every sentiment expressed by this Svetlana Scarlet of CAIN:

“I think the point of the memorial has been lost—hijacked by traitors and anarchists, or trumpeted by those who want to celebrate its ‘liberation’, not realizing the irony.

“The evacuation of Caldari Prime was the greatest sacrifice our people have made—or, mostly likely, ever will make. Our ancestors severed their tie with Caldari Prime to save us—to give us a new life, here in the colonies of the State. They gave up what was most dear to them in order to preserve our people for the long run. That is something that has been forgotten.

“Now we have mortgaged our future to cling to a worthless piece of rock in an untenable position and given our nation over to a loudmouthed factory worker with no idea what he’s doing, just because he tells us that our problems are all someone else’s fault. It’s pathetic.

“I think there are a considerable number of questions with regard to how Heth-haan came to power, and I do not think he has the experience or the knowledge necessary to guide the State during these times. More of a concern, however, is how the State let itself be taken over by a populist ideologue with a destructive grudge to bear. Or how our economy could have been in such a sorry shape and no one was taken to task for it, or had the courage to actually tell us to our faces how bad things were.

“Heth is a symptom, not the cause.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. So long as these things remain forgotten or overlooked by the people of the State, they will never heal. But, I suppose for them it is easier to kill Gallente than it is to deal with their own demons.