Today I attended the I-RED Tea and Press Conference at their headquarters in Malkalen.

The event was well-planned and security well-enforced. As advertised, I-RED had invited a colorful array of individuals, many of whom I know only by reputation, such as Verone, Tiberious Thessalonia, Istvaan Shogaatsu and many others. Jev North was there, too. There was some excitement but no one was shot in the end.

Morwen Lagann gave a fabulous violin performance. It made me wonder if I will ever be able to pick up my music again. Maybe one day she and I can play together…

I also briefly took in the boxing match between John Revenent and Simca Develon (which I believe she won) and had an opportunity to meet Saul Ambrye, Executive Director of IPREX, a former IPI corporation.

Taisho Revenent opened the conference with a short speech about his time as Executor of I-RED. He touched on the successes and challenges the organization has faced. One line in particular has remained with me: “What we represent is the voice of a minority, that is willing to push for progressive forward thinking and to confront unpopular issues, both in, and outside the State.” Though IPI obviously focuses on Intaki, I feel our similarities to I-RED in this regard are why we are able, overall, to maintain good relations with them.

I’ve sent the plaque I-RED gifted to IPI down to Intaki to be hung in a public viewing area of the Intaki Cultural Center. The scroll that was also gifted to us conveys I-RED’s best wishes through traditional Caldari mantras and is signed by several members of their senior leadership. I think I’ll hang it in my office on Astral V-5.

These things make me confident that we can find a way to overcome the remaining difficulties that exist between us, in due time.

The main portion of the press conference was an introduction of I-RED’s first baseline market product: the ornithopter. I put a bid in to obtain 25,000 units of the craft for my holdings on Intaki. I plan to set aside approximately five percent of the stock for IPI use, while the rest will be made available in accordance with I-RED’s resale policy to local baseliner markets as a subset to the Intaki trade hub.

All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon. Now I am off to have dinner with Katrina and Simca at their home on New Caldari!