The last month and a half has been an unexpected whirlwind of activity. The Federation Senate voted to deny votes to occupied systems which means all the people at home will not be allowed to have their opinion heard in the upcoming elections. I’m infuriated like many others but uncertain what, if anything, can be done about it right now. The Caldari need to be ousted, first and foremost.

Shortly after Devan’s and my disgraceful adventure in the wormhole, Nailo suddenly reappeared and surprised us all by having a blushing fiancée in tow! She’s a baseliner and a lovely woman, and didn’t seemed perturbed at all at being in the presence of so many capsuleers at once.

I tried very hard to ignore Devan’s pointed I told you he wasn’t a spy look. I reserve judgment; no woman could really be that good to explain Nailo’s total disappearance for months on end. A bride might make for a convenient cover story, though watching them I have no doubt Nailo loves her very much.

Anyway, with hardly a word more to explain where he’s been (although he did thank Devan for keeping things going), Nailo slapped him on the back and said he wanted Devan to be best man at the wedding, which incidentally was scheduled for late November, and of course the whole corp, such as it remains, was invited.

The group of us travelled to Luminaire about a week out from the big day. There were still a lot of things that needed to be done and Devan, as best man, had to play catch up while I had to make do on my own. Abby came up from Amarr space to attend as well, and over a few days approximately half the original TGPI crew filtered in like ghosts. None of them volunteered where they’ve been; I didn’t ask.

The ceremony took place November 22 on the Crystal Boulevard. Perfect weather, perfect bride, beaming Nailo. Devan looked incredibly sharp in his formal wear and I couldn’t help but entertain girlish thoughts of what it might be like if it were me walking down that aisle to meet him. Maybe one day…

And just like that, all the excitement was over and we were home. Now the happy couple is off honeymooning somewhere and Devan is back to wearing Nailo’s shoes for him. I’d like to believe this time will only be until the honeymoon is over. Why should the CEO be the only one who gets to enjoy his relationship?