As if everything else this week wasn’t bad enough, I witnessed something today which bothers me.

After finishing my conversation with James yesterday I must not have disconnected properly, because when I returned to public comms today I found I was still monitoring the same channel. James was active and so, since my attention wasn’t too divided, I sent greetings and we chatted for a bit about the war.

And then, rather suddenly, the channel filled up with…other people. Some were red to IPI or ILF, while others were not, though based on everything they said freely, they should have been. And James welcomed them warmly, bantering with them as easily and openly as I’d expect anyone to do with people they considered close and personal friends.

Suddenly I was reminded of the suspicions and the warnings I felt in my gut when RECLT arrived in Intaki with GIPA close on their heels. The pilots in James’s channel were blatant about the piracy they engage in. One even boasted about stealing slaves, not to free them, but as a means to take ownership of them. And James…didn’t really seem to mind.

I was…shocked, to say the least. I’m glad I saw this before too much else had happened.

I need to consider it carefully.