The Brothers of Freedom have continued to spark riots in the State, and now today there are reports the Caldari Navy and local authorities put down the riots at the cost of thousands of civilian lives.

Violence has never been a particularly efficient way to affect change in any society, yet the most necessary of changes always only seem to come after violence. Why must it be these extremes before those who hold power sit up and take notice, or are overthrown? From a bullied child on a playground to widespread groups of otherwise normal, non-violent adults, eventually patience to handle their problems “within the rules” runs out, boiling over into a lashing out of frustration and anger. Why are people who want better lives always pushed to take these drastic measures? Why can’t change happen before it gets to this point?

Meanwhile, the State, typically, has taken out its cudgel. It’s easier to kill the dissenters rather than consider whether they have a valid point. The State is obviously loathe to examine itself for ways it could improve for the sake of its own citizens. If everyone there ends up unhappy, what happens then? The State already proved how uptight it is about losing citizens to other empires, especially the Federation. If it must keep all Caldari under lock and key, and then is not willing to ensure they are well taken care of, apparently anyone who speaks up is an “enemy of the State” and must die. How soon before that empire floods red with the blood of its own people?

The atmosphere around campus continues to be tense. Our drills and classes recently have taken on a decidedly somber, expectant slant, and I feel like the Feds are pushing us harder. They’re worried.

One of the guys on my squad mouthed off in the mess hall when the news of more riots hit the feeds. He said the Feds should just “nuke those squids”, go in and wipe them all out for their own good. Some people agreed, and others didn’t quite. Definitely, the State has many problems and their inhumane treatment of their own people is going to come back at them someday. But to just indiscriminately kill them all? The Feds would be no better than the State! We all started arguing and it would have turned into a brawl if not for the Sergeant showing up just then.

In the end, all anyone can do is sit and wait, and hope the Caldari wake up.