Typical. I wrote last time about the Feds actually working with and acknowledging those in Placid who have desire to make the system a better place. The Placid Militia and Illoren each contributed to the takedown of that Serpentis carrier and should be recognized for it regardless. But, seeing the Scope today, it seems to me Inspector Xavier has a personal agenda of his own, especially where Vorada Kuvakei is concerned.

“The Federation is looking to thank its loyal supporters by awarding medals to people who have been highly commended because of their acts within the past few months, against the Serpentis” the article says, yet they let people like Xavier run around smearing other pilots and cluttering up the core issue with his garbage. What is he hoping to accomplish? He wants all the glory for himself, obviously. Meanwhile, the important issue, that of working to reduce the problems in Placid, has been completely blown off the radar.

I should have known.