The corp was patrolling the lowsec systems today while Devan, Eric, and I prepared to make the last leg of the trip from Stacmon to Intaki. Just after we left, the patrol ran into hostiles in Intaki and called for aid.

We joined the gang since we were incoming anyway. When we landed and opened fire on the target, a Lysander Kaldenn and one of his associates, I don’t think I expected anything different to the combat I’ve seen in the past. There were a great deal more of us than them, though we were in smaller ships, but his associate escaped through the gate. The next thing I knew there was a brilliant blue flash and the battle was over. The capsule was allowed to leave the field.

“Who got the kill?” someone asked, and a chorus of “Not me” followed. Then came Eric’s voice: “Sakaane, was it you?”

As I understand now, engagements of this kind don’t quite work the same way as the ones I got into when I was with the naval academy. CONCORD actually tracks capsuleer versus capsuleer fights and maintains extensive records regarding the involved parties, the value of the ships that were lost, and so on.

And as it turned out, in this, my very first engagement with ILF, I was the one who scored the final blow that reduced Lysander’s ship to slag.

I have no idea yet what his crime was, or why ILF engaged. All I know is my new corpmates warmly congratulated me and welcomed me to ILF upon hearing my confirmation that I had indeed scored the killing shot.

What can I say? It feels great to be home.