It’s been an interesting few weeks. Comic Mischief has declared several wars and we roam nearly every day. The activity level in preparation for a new war is pretty intense: mails with intel, lists of targets, their known ships and locations… These guys get excited.

They’re also… Well. Gabe wasn’t kidding when he told me Comic Mischief doesn’t put up with other capsuleers who talk smack or otherwise (in their opinion) disrespect their own.

Case in point: on September 21 we went out on a roam and caught some lone pilot off a gate in Gratesier. He wasn’t a war target but he aggressed our bait and we killed him. I got the final blow. After that I didn’t think much of it. Sure, Jestere had kill rights on me but CM stages out of Odotte, ten jumps away. Given he’d been a random target to start with it didn’t seem that likely we’d run into him again.

Three days ago, Gabe wanted some cap charges moved from Odotte to Cat. I had a Sigil handy to take them, so into the cargo hold they went. I undocked, and the next thing I knew my (unarmed, defenseless) ship had disintegrated into a ball of fire, leaving me sitting at the undock in nothing but my capsule with Jestere’s Hurricane staring me in the face.

Comic Mischief didn’t like that. I hesitate to say they were white-knighting for the only female in the entire alliance (despite their callsigns and channel avatars, none of them are actually women—why they bother to fake it when they make no other effort to hide their true gender I’ll never understand), but either way, within an hour they declared war on Silent Overwatch and off we went.

An exceptionally strong response for having one of their own (legally) hunted… Gabe sat nose to nose with Jestere for a good half hour after I was shot down, but it amounted to little more than a staring contest. Since then the targets have stayed docked up, which, in the long run, is probably for the best. Yet I still feel a little warm ’n’ fuzzy anyway.

Nimloth Valinor continues to request comms more or less on a daily basis, and I continue to allow her to speak with me only to see what information I might glean about her intentions toward ILF. Besides, it gives me an excuse to keep in touch with them, which I’ve enjoyed. I send whatever intel I get to Mammal and Bataav. Actually, I spend a great deal of time talking with Bataav…

I’ve been told I’m missed. I’m not sure what I did in the short month I was home to make such an impression, but it both makes me glad (bigger warm ‘n’ fuzzy than having war declared on my behalf) and yet is hard to hear. Of course, as my luck would have it, right after letting Gabe talk me into joining Tantalus, ILF “woke up” and its activity levels returned to where they should be! So, because I was impatient I’m missing out on a bunch of stuff with them! Ah, consequences and life lessons. Still, I am learning a lot here and this will help me when I return. I’m not sure yet when that will be, but it will be soon.