In the last two weeks ILF fought two wars. If they can be called wars…

It started about a month ago when one of our industrial pilots was attacked by a member of the Caldari militia. She’d been mining peacefully in deep space; the aggressor scanned her down and engaged without provocation.

Mammal demanded reparations but despite Damar’s insistence that Super Chair’s actions were not sanctioned, Hell’s Revenge refused to pay and called us out as valid targets as long as we continue to assist I-RED. They refused to negotiate blue standings with us and indicated they would advocate against us with the other militia corps.

Following that, the Suresha made a statement on IGS while the corp began to discuss our position and handling of militia corporations.

I pushed for a full review. It’s true that ILF has negotiated blue standings with many of the local militia entities but neither side has any claim to Intaki space. They should only go where they are invited. And while it’s admirable to strive for non-hostile relations with the militias, blue standings are only worthwhile insofar as the militias (or any other group, really) which are granted them also respect what they mean and uphold their end of the bargain. If they only pay us lip service because it’s easy to click a button within their friend/foe registry, and then otherwise continue on as before by disrupting our space and even occasionally shooting down our pilots, the blue standing has done nothing for us except make us their floor mat, since of course we don’t shoot blues.

Some of the militias respect the negotiated standings and that’s fine. But I think any militia which doesn’t or openly engages in hostile acts in the Intaki sov should be treated the same as any other aggressive entity operating in Placid. Why should the their political affiliation matter? It’s still aggression and piracy. If they push us, we should push back, and thus prove to them it is worth their while to heed our words instead. An approach like this would have absolutely no impact on our politics; rather, I believe it would strengthen our position by showing we don’t play favorites no matter what they label themselves as.

There were a great many thoughts and opinions on all sides of the matter. But then Damar Rocarion later stated, in FreeIntaki before many witnesses:

Damar Rocarion > And I strive to occupy systems, not out of glory, not out of challenge, not for patriotism but purely due to my undying hatred of Val Erian and his flunkies. And if millions need to die, then so be it.

Really! Anyone who sees fit to wage war on an entire people simply for the sake of his ego is most definitely insane. He is also a pitiful, sorry excuse for a human being. Jyotmi had it right when he said, “You are perhaps one of the most vile and repugnant pilots I have had the misfortune to come across” in reference to him. How we ever counted Damar as an ally I will never understand, no matter what he may have done at the time. A wolf who occasionally wears a sheep’s costume is still a wolf, and this one is rabid to boot.

Subsequent to this, the Suresha made another IGS statement wherein it was made clear that while he (and ILF) are opposed to violence in general, we just can’t let it go anymore and would proceed to implement a long-standing clause in the corp’s rules of engagement.

This announcement coincided with the receipt of a war declaration from Hell’s Revenge on August 1. It was followed a few days later by one from Short Bus Pole Dancers.

And then what happened? Nothing, more or less! A few station games, one or two encounters, and that was that. Hardly worthy of the “war” label. Our intel told us most of their pilots stayed out in Black Rise. By August 8 CONCORD had declared Hell’s Revenge’s wardec invalid due to breach of the Yulai Convention, while Short Bus Pole Dancers elected to retract their war on August 13. All smack and no act, if you ask me.

ILF never issued any war decs in this particular case. After all, on a daily basis we don’t go to war with pirate organizations either. This doesn’t stop Aditipala from going out to blow them out of our space. Our ROE was revised and I’m sure in the future it will be adjusted again as conditions in Intaki change.

Mammal had it right, though: “Enemies in Placid proliferate; the struggle continues.”