For lack of anything better to do I spent the afternoon poking around Scope archives. Neither Devan nor Eric have come forth with any further suggestions about the status of TGPI so I decided to see if I might get lucky looking in the news. After all, any capsuleer organization active enough to be highlighted by the Scope might hold promise for us, and at this point we have nothing to lose by looking.

My search led me to discover this story about the Intaki Liberation front, or ILF. The name itself prompted me to dig deeper. Soon enough I’d located their public DED profile as well as their information portal.

How I’ve managed to overlook learning about these people for so long I have no idea. I can’t imagine how things might have been different for me if I’d known about them sooner.

I’ve joined their public comms channel, “FreeIntaki”, and have been quietly monitoring its activity. One representative, Bataav, stands out already for his clear, intelligent thoughts and concern for the people at home. Another, Mammal Tafren, seems equally devoted. Their Suresha, Saxon Hawke, obviously commands a great deal of respect and many seem to look to him for guidance. Someone mentioned the Intergalactic Summit so I went on to look up their recent activity there and was impressed by what I saw.

But I’m trying not to be too excited. I’ve had too many disappointments lately to get overly invested in ILF just yet. I’ll keep my eye on things for the next few days before I make up my mind.