It’s been a month since ILF was wardec’d. The Suresha has taken a leave of absence and since then…life has been quiet.

Perhaps we’re all in something of a state of contemplation. The corp feels subdued, almost as if someone has died. Or maybe it’s just me. The “public relations storm” that Levi mentioned in his article hits a bit close to home. I know I contributed to it, both with my interactions on IGS and by advocating for ILF to review its position regarding the militias. I wasn’t the only voice that did…but nevertheless I still feel some responsibility.

I decided to return to my old stomping grounds in Everyshore and have been picking up work from the agents around here simply for something to do, as the subdued atmosphere in the corp seems to have put a damper on our activities in Intaki. Even Mammal seems to be away lot more recently and many of the rest are likewise out of touch too.

I’m sure this lull won’t last…