The news this month about Tibus Heth’s auction, the panic on Intaki Prime in response, and the revelation that Ishukone Corporation has won development rights has not been good.

It wasn’t enough for the Caldari to regain their homeworld, which they did. No, they’ve rampaged on and become the very monster they wanted to destroy. Never mind that the squids treat my homeland and the homelands of billions of other people across New Eden as a mere commodity, to be bought and sold no different than flour or a chair. The thought is so disgusting and offensive that for now I have to consciously not talk about it for the absolute rage it conjures within me. (And people say the Intaki are stoic by nature?)

A long time ago I wrote about Otro Gariushi, then-CEO of Ishukone, and how he was a sole ray of hope for the Caldari State. But he was killed and the hope he brought with him was lost. Now Mens Reppola is in charge, and I understand this man was a close confidant of Gariushi’s. But nevertheless I am nervous. Even if Ishukone is the least of all potential evils to have “won” Intaki, it still remains a State megacorporation first and foremost.

What will they do to my beloved jewel? Will they ruin it, turn it into another Caldari Prime, a worthless rock with no beauty or warmth? Ishukone favors technology; will they see Intaki Prime as a source of materials and strip it bare in a relentless search for their next lucrative patent?

They can’t, they mustn’t… If Caldari Prime was as important to them as they say, surely the Caldari must understand Intaki’s importance to my people. Surely?

I have not yet said this to Devan, but I’m thinking about going back to Intaki now more than ever. I need to go home. I feel helpless out here, and things are spiralling out of control there. But I’m not sure what I would do when I got there or even if anything I could do would be of any help. I’m one person against such an enemy…and that, perhaps, is the only thing keeping me from leaving this very minute. That…and I think Devan wouldn’t go with me. TGPI is still struggling and he is committed to keeping the corporation afloat. I would feel guilty for abandoning him.

For now…I’ll wait to see what Ishukone does, and hope they are a blessing in disguise.