I noticed today Seriphyn Inhonores had started yet another debate about Intaki on the IGS.

After a few days of other posts, it turns out there is some crossover between this discussion and that of his War In Intaki thread, with the same Caldari zealots carrying on as before. Diana Kim, especially, made it too easy for me to comment:

Originally by: Diana Kim

But you should understand, this war is not for Intaki. It is for resources Intaki has. This includes planets themselves, mineable resources from planets, built infrastructure, different commercial assets, and even people, who can be hired for work.

Why does the State think it has any right to acquire those resources for its own use in the first place? I’m not aware of any Caldari actually answering this question. Because you can? Because you enjoy creating opportunities to use your red hot iron?

If your neighbor has access any number of better resources than you do—a faster hovercar to get to work on time, a stronger transmitter to send and receive communiques to/from more remote locations, a larger home in which to live and raise a healthy family, and so on—do you just one day decide to help yourself to what he has without his permission? No, because that would be theft. So why do you think you can help yourself to Intaki’s resources without the permission of its native population?

The State reduces itself to the lowest form of piracy by insisting it has the right to “capture” or “recapture” any part of Placid for its own use. Just because the State wants to slap a “Property of the State” sticker on our space doesn’t actually change the fact it was never yours to begin with.

Placid is rightfully territory of the Federation as negotiated between Gallente and Intaki ancestors after first contact was made. The Intaki people opted to join the Gallente at that time and helped form the Federation. What part did the State have in any of that? Absolutely none. Regardless of the damage Gallente society wrought upon traditional Intaki culture thereafter, the Placid region and everything in it still belongs to the Federation. The Assembly has never rescinded its Federation membership. But not expelling Ishukone does not equate to accepting, or wanting, State rule.

Personally, if you, Diana, think anyone actually enjoys living in a state of fear where not conforming to the State means they will be tortured with red hot irons (for being, as you say, “an enemy of the State”), or would actually be happy about having such a lifestyle imposed upon them, you are very sadly disillusioned. I pity you for not seeing what a sorry society you come from, and applaud every Caldari who has left the State, regardless of where they choose to live thereafter.