The Caldari have occupied Intaki.

Why? Why? What possible use is my homeland to them?!

My mother… I can’t get through to anyone anywhere thanks to a comms blackout. The news says some people at home are reacting violently and I can’t blame them, but that’s about all anyone knows. Those filthy squids are running rampant through my home, my system, my world, and will be killing my people! I wanted to re-enlist, I wanted to go down there and kill them all myself for daring to come within ten light-years of Intaki! Devan, he said it nearly made him want to re-enlist too…

I tried to leave, I tried to go home. Devan grabbed me to keep me from going. He said he understood how I felt…he said, “They were nasty about it, but at least Luminaire was theirs to begin with.” Occupying Intaki is another matter entirely… Federation neglect at home has done enough harm without adding “pillaging conquerors”, as he put it, to the mix! I was angry and hurt and frantic with worry and I didn’t want to listen to him at all.

But he was right when he told me it would do no good for Mom or Intaki if he or I rushed off recklessly and eventually I calmed to his reason. Re-enlisting would solve nothing: we’d get posted wherever the brass deigned, not where we wanted. I know he is right…and more Federation military action in Intaki isn’t the answer.