Today is the second anniversary of IPI’s founding. There was another celebration at the Intaki Cultural Center to mark the occasion. I enjoyed myself.

Being the second year means Suresha Hawke’s term as alliance president has come to an end and a new president must be voted in.

While I was at home the Suresha announced the impending election and called for candidates to be nominated. Originally I had planned to vote for him. I never really thought about whether or not I could run, even though he had mentioned it to me in passing.

Imagine my surprise when the candidates were announced and my name was on the ballot.

It didn’t really sink in at the time, but now that I look at it again, the announcement does say, “Eligible candidates for the presidency must be CEOs or director-level members of their respective corporations.” I never really thought about myself as a director-level member of ILF, but that is my title, translated: Director of Combat Operations.

I was floored.

My first instinct was to think I wouldn’t be any good at it. I’m a combat pilot, not a politician. What do I know about running an alliance?

About as much as I knew about running a combat division of a corporation when I was promoted, or being Director of Personnel when I was at TGPI. But according to everyone I ask, I’ve done all right at the things I’ve been tasked with. I’m not perfect, but I try my best.

In my time with ILF I have had ideas about the alliance, about helping it grow and succeed, and what the future could bring. But they were just idle thoughts that I never seriously considered pursuing. I thought there were many other more excellent people who surely would have the same, or better, ideas and would pursue them. But seeing my name on that ballot…I decided, why not? If I have ideas I might as well try to see them put to good use.

In the end, it’s still a vote. The worst that could happen is my peers will choose someone else they feel is better suited to the role, and I could still suggest my ideas.

But…wow. What an honor, to even be nominated. I wonder what Mom would have thought of it.

It’s certainly a great way to come back to work!