Lately there’s been a lot of militia movement in Intaki, too much for my comfort. Since joining ILF I’ve based out of Astral, where HQ is located. But given the rising aggression I decided to move to a different station in case Astral gets camped. No good if we’re all bottled up in the same place.

I raised some concerns to the corp recently regarding the militias and our ROE. Some of the mandates in the ROE make no sense to me and it’s still difficult, almost impossible, to operate effectively in Intaki with all these hostile pilots about when so few of our pilots are actually around.

I’m reminded once again of how things were in TGPI, except this time there are other active pilots…they’re just scattered.

I’m at the bottom of the ladder in ILF yet I was still welcomed to contribute my opinion and it was considered fairly along with opinions of other pilots. Even if leadership doesn’t accept any of my recommendations, it’s still very refreshing to participate in a well-handled, thoughtful discussion with peers who actually give a damn about how the corp itself functions and how we can all work together to make it better.

Now if we can just do something about these militia hooligans…