The last of the contested Federation systems fell to the Caldari militia today.

The level of dismay around here is palpable. Conversations overheard in lifts are troubled and worried, and everyone you see simply looks disappointed.

Devan and I both are glad we did not re-enlist to be part of this disgrace. Neither of us feels it would have made any difference if we had. I’m reminded of this news report. It seems that in a year they have continued on with their policy of disastrous military blunders, and now billions of people living in occupied territory have to suffer for it.

Njal has always believed Intaki should oust those who oppress or neglect it, and stand alone as it once did. Now, more than ever, I agree. The State and the Federation both have no business in Intaki. It may have been the Federation assisted my people at one time, bringing us to the stars and so on, and in return so many of us gave up our traditional beliefs and way of life to integrate with and contribute to Gallente society.

But this should end now. The Federation is obviously inept at doing anything about the plight of one of its founding members. The occupation should not have been suffered to stand for as long as it has, and what improvement has there been? None, and they don’t seem to care much about that. The squids gloat and laugh and make my people pay the price for Caldari vengeance.

And where is the FDU in all of this? Where are the commanders to whip the ranks into shape? What good is the militia if they are only a bunch of lollygagging pilots who wish only for easy kills so they can put another notch in their belts? Pathetic. CONCORD should put an end to this, should revoke the militia act and tell each of these squabbling empires to deal with their differences like intelligent human beings, not neanderthals with clubs.