Admiral Noir crashed The Wandering Saint into Ishukone Headquarters in Malkalen today, destroying the peace summit that was to have taken place. A Nyx! He crashed a goddamn Nyx into a station!

I was out on maneuvers when it happened. They pulled us in. They pulled in everyone.

‘Noir’ is a name I heard often at the academy, and always expressed with great respect. He was celebrated, even revered by some Gallente. No one knows what to think. What else can you do except watch in horror when something like this happens? That he would kill so many innocent people is incomprehensible. A lifetime of achievement now stained by this, a violent act of terrorism when a true attempt for peace between these empires was being made? How could he have thought his actions were in any way appropriate?

Otro Gariushi was on the station too. Since hearing about these peace talks being promoted by a Caldari I started reading up on his career with Ishukone. Gariushi was a sole ray of hope for the State, a real chance to lead them to overcome their hatred of the Gallente, which I think could have promoted the same for the people here. In all likelihood Gariushi is dead, a capsuleer unable to clone because he was outside his pod when the crash happened.

I have no doubt others will try to keep his call for peace alive. I can’t see it happening now.

There will be war.