I’m exhausted. I worked hard today, trying to negotiate a resolution to the VKYR war. I spoke to Bataav about this situation too, only to find out he’d neglected to mention some things to me which made the situation a bit more complex than it probably would have been.

In the end, despite what seemed like a promising beginning…rather than being anything remotely close to productive, my negotiations were an exercise in futility.

Transcripts follow.

Channel ID: -32271690
Channel Name: Private Chat (Darc Kaahar)
Listener: Sakaane Eionell
Session started: YC114.07.22 01:45:45

Sakaane Eionell > Hello.
Darc Kaahar > Hello, Miss Eionell. You wanted to speak with me.
Sakaane Eionell > Indeed I did, since Miss Sparkles is not available.
Darc Kaahar > After we spoke last I did as I said, took some time to consider your request. I also spoke with some of my pilots.
Darc Kaahar > I did. Several of them. First, I was made aware of something that troubles me a great deal.
Darc Kaahar > Which is?
Sakaane Eionell > As you know, Miss Sparkles did try to speak with me yesterday regarding the ship loss. During that conversation I mentioned that I was aware of the situation. I knew about the engagement and its circumstances. I knew that we had previously told Miss Sparkles we would investigate it.
Darc Kaahar nods.
Sakaane Eionell > What I did not know was that she had also had another, separate conversation with one of our representatives in which she had specifically requested compensation. The individual in question was not able to promise her that but did tell her he would pass the request on. So when she later spoke to me, she was operating under the impression that I knew about that conversation, which I did not.
Darc Kaahar > I see.
Sakaane Eionell > On that basis I can appreciate that she probably felt confused or frustrated following the conversation with me.
Darc Kaahar > She did seem angry. I was upset to see her so enraged.
Sakaane Eionell > If she had remained to speak further with me it’s possible that the oversight would have been revealed. I was prepared to continue speaking with her but she left the channel. That, unfortunately, can’t be changed now. In that respect it is quite regrettable that so much confusion has occurred around that original engagement.
Darc Kaahar > I agree. I am sorry it came to this. But the Drake must be reimbursed.
Sakaane Eionell > I will not admit that the loss was an act of piracy. Miss Sparkles has enough combat experience to know that even if she didn’t fire first, bumping and targeting another combat pilot constitutes baiting. For that reason I will not offer any apology for my pilots’ decision to pursue and call in reforcements once she was in the belt. But since no one can prove the original circumstances and given all the confusion surrounding this event, I am willing to offer 48M ISK for the ship, but no more. The neutral standing she was granted by our representative in that second conversation will be revoked.
Darc Kaahar > I will have to talk to her about this. But perhaps we can come to an agreement.
Sakaane Eionell > The funds are sufficient to cover the cost of a new hull.
Darc Kaahar > A full reimbursement would be needed. I will pass the offer along. Until then war still stands. We are here.
Sakaane Eionell > My offer stands. A full reimbursement is not being offered because, regardless of the original circumstances, Miss Sparkles has proven herself to be an insidious threat to my alliance. Inciting war over a single ship loss is a grossly exaggerated response. Her claims that she meant no harm are therefore suspect. I will not accept the wounded dove routine. My offer is therefore a compromise taking those conclusions into consideration.
Darc Kaahar > It will be taken into consideration.
Sakaane Eionell > Thank you.
Darc Kaahar > Be warned we will attack you until then.
Sakaane Eionell > I didn’t expect anything different.
Darc Kaahar > We will give no quarter and ask for none either.
Sakaane Eionell > We didn’t ask for this war, but we will defend ourselves.
Darc Kaahar > I expected no less. You will see us in Intaki.

Channel ID: -32272537
Channel Name: Private Chat (Miss Sparkles)
Listener: Sakaane Eionell
Session started: YC114.07.22 02:39:19

Sakaane Eionell > Hello.
Miss Sparkles > I was talking to Darc Kaahar he say you want to speak with me.
Sakaane Eionell > That is correct.
Miss Sparkles > He told me you would give me new Drake.
Sakaane Eionell > Before we discuss that there is something else I would like to explain.
Miss Sparkles > Yes?
Sakaane Eionell > When we spoke yesterday, the first thing you asked was whether Bataav had spoken to me, and I responded that I was aware of the situation. It turns out that I wasn’t. I did not know you had spoken to Bataav twice. I was only aware of the first conversation where he told you he would get more information about what happened when your ship was destroyed. This means I was not aware that you had previously made a request for compensation of your ship.
Miss Sparkles > Yes, I asked him for new ship. Did you change your mind?
Sakaane Eionell > Unfortunately you left the channel before we could continue the conversation to a point where that might have been revealed.
Miss Sparkles > Darc gets angry easily. He was angry about this, I was upset, but not too angry.
Sakaane Eionell > He tells me you were furious.
Miss Sparkles > We are friends. I was angry. But I understand things can happen.
Miss Sparkles > I would like new Drake. I will never harm you or bump your pilot again. I told Bataav this. He is nice.
Sakaane Eionell > Because of all of the confusion surrounding these events I am willing to offer you 48M ISK as compensation for the loss. In exchange you will have Darc retract the war against IPI. The standings that Bataav granted to you will also be reset, because of the war declaration that was issued.
Miss Sparkles > You will set me to red?
Sakaane Eionell > No, no. Bataav told you he would flag you was a neutral pilot. This gives you a grey flag in Local. We will remove it. You will have no flags at all. You will be the same as every other pilot we have no standings set to.
Miss Sparkles > If I do nothing to your pilot, things will be ok?
Sakaane Eionell > Yes. We would not like to see you bumping or targeting anyone in the Intaki area, whether they are ILF, IPI or any other pilots.
Miss Sparkles > I will never bump people again. I did not mean to upset.
Sakaane Eionell > It is unfortunate that the situation spiralled out of control like this. I understand that you want to be able to do some mining in the area. If you agree to my offer then you would still be free to do that.
Miss Sparkles > Yes, I mostly mine.
Sakaane Eionell > Given the hostility that has erupted, you might want to spend a little bit of time away from the area for a bit, just to let everyone settle down.
Miss Sparkles > Yes. I would be happy with new Drake.
Sakaane Eionell > I do want to make sure you understand my terms though. I know you have said you won’t bump people anymore. But if we see you acting with similar behavior like that in the Intaki area it will still be seen to be aggressive. I would not like to get into a similar situation again.
Miss Sparkles > I understand. I was told this and I am ok with it. I never wanted to upset you. I did not agress you and got killed. I did not want this!
Sakaane Eionell > I will take you at your word that you didn’t want to lose your ship. Do you accept my offer? I will pay you 48M ISK if you have Darc retract the war.
Miss Sparkles > I will tell him to do so. He is passionate. I didn’t think he would war dec you.
Sakaane Eionell > He certainly is.
Miss Sparkles > I can only ask him to stop.
Sakaane Eionell > Have you done so? I would like to resolve this matter. We are very disappointed that the war was issued when Bataav had told you the matter of compensation would be passed along.

Channel ID: -32271690
Channel Name: Private Chat (Darc Kaahar)
Listener: Sakaane Eionell
Session started: YC114.07.22 03:09:59

Darc Kaahar > Miss Sparkles has been talking to me. I am unhappy with the offer of 48m. I think a new Drake should be bought/built along with the mods that were fitted. She is too forgiving.
Sakaane Eionell > You may be unhappy with it, but she did accept.
Darc Kaahar > Well she shouldn’t have. I have told her I will replace the Drake.
Sakaane Eionell > She would still be able to do so with the funds I have offered plus any insurance payout she received.
Darc Kaahar > I have decided to keep this war dec going, an offer of 48m is not enough. War will come to Intaki.
Sakaane Eionell > What right do you have to refuse the offer that she feels is acceptable?
Darc Kaahar > Miss Sparkles will be reimbursed by me and and justice will be done.
Sakaane Eionell > You are a very poor friend to disrespect her choice.
Darc Kaahar > She will do as she’s told.
Sakaane Eionell > My goodness.
Darc Kaahar > My word is final. This is how it will be.
Sakaane Eionell > What a shame that you are so unreasonable. And treat your friends so poorly.
Darc Kaahar > Justice is important.
Sakaane Eionell > So is respect. It is not for you to run her life or tell her that her decisions are wrong. That is for her to decide.
Darc Kaahar > She is naive and stupid, at the best of times.
Sakaane Eionell > To gain useful experience, she must be free to make mistakes, decide on her own path, and learn from the consequences of her decisions on her own. Your overbearing attitude doesn’t help her. During the course of our conversation she and I even began to talk about her interest in mining in this area. She was being calm and reasonable and had genuine interest to move past this. You insist on making that quite impossible because you are too stubborn to respect her.
Darc Kaahar > I am acting in her best interests.
Sakaane Eionell > I can’t imagine how a war is in her best interests, or anyone else’s.


Darc Kaahar > I apologise for not responding quicker. I have things going on right now.
Sakaane Eionell > As do we all.

Channel ID: -32272537
Channel Name: Private Chat (Miss Sparkles)
Listener: Sakaane Eionell
Session started: YC114.07.22 03:10:38

Miss Sparkles > I told him what you told me. Sorry about this. I am still talking with him.
Sakaane Eionell > He is also speaking with me.
Miss Sparkles > Sorry. He is being a bit angry.
Sakaane Eionell > I can see that. The decision is for you to make. It is not his.
Miss Sparkles > God, sorry.
Sakaane Eionell > Do you usually let him override you like this?
Sakaane Eionell > [03:17:46] Darc Kaahar > She will do as she’s told.
Sakaane Eionell > He is referring to you.
Miss Sparkles > I am sorry. He won’t change his mind. There is nothing I can do.
Sakaane Eionell > Sure there is. You can tell him it isn’t his business. He has no right to tell you what to do.
Miss Sparkles > If you want to red me that is ok. I will not come near Intaki.
Sakaane Eionell > No, this is a different matter now. You have discussed this with me and we agreed on compensation. That should be the end of it. If you feel it is fair then it should be fair. He should accept that. He might disagree with your decision but if he was a friend then he would respect you.
Miss Sparkles > I feel it is fair! I can not stop war dec if he does not agree. I am sorry. He rant about the war dec.
Sakaane Eionell > If they will not abide by your acceptance of our negotiation then I’m afraid I cannot pay you for the lost ship.
Miss Sparkles > I know. You have been very nice.
Sakaane Eionell > Thank you for saying so.
Miss Sparkles > This is crazy. He is being ass. Bye bye.
Sakaane Eionell > I hope you will be able to stand up to him and help him see how poor his actions are.
Miss Sparkles > Yes, thank you.


If I ever meet Darc Kaahar face to face in a station somewhere I just might have to remove his lungs via his tear ducts. Rarely have I felt so angry; his complete disregard and lack of respect for other people, specifically Miss Sparkles, is disgusting to the point words fail to adequately address it. He’s a bully and abusive of her, largely I think because she’s female. Having witnessed firsthand his statements I can’t imagine now that she actually asked him for this war. If anything, he pushed her into it. Why he wanted an excuse to shoot us, I have no idea. He probably just saw an opportunity to get more targets and took it because he could. It seems to be a common, pathetic excuse for a lot of capsuleers.

Darc has taken to trying to bully me, too. As soon as I connect to the public comms network, he docks at my station with astonishing speed and initiates a trade request with me. His lackeys do the same, gumming up my communication relays with multiple prompts. Each prompt lists a single junk item: a holoreel, a piece of scrap metal, one unit of Serpentis-issue ammunition. All to distract and annoy and discourage me, of course. They’ve been monitoring our public channels and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve tried to bug my office. Psychological warfare, along with the physical.

I ignore the trade requests. They leave them active for minutes, sometimes an hour or more, at a time. Fine by me: keeping the requests open keeps Darc and his people from leaving the station until they cancel them. I then know exactly when they are about to undock and can relay the intel.

Now there is nothing else to do but see the war through to its conclusion. If Darc is going to replace the Drake himself, IPI certainly will not offer any other compensation. An apology is still not warranted.

But even though the fault is Darc’s…I’m still disappointed I couldn’t resolve the situation. It’d be nice to feel like I’ve accomplished…something. Anything.