December is often a quiet time of year around the IPI offices. Many of my pilots take leave to return home, spend time with their families, and observe the yule holiday that is celebrated by some of the New Eden cultures. I hope they enjoy themselves.

Tonight I worked late on a detailed report for our systems maintenance team—possibly in the near future they are going to overhaul the framework I must use daily to maintain ILF’s and IPI’s data, and I can’t wait for the day they do!—and after several hours, just as I was about to turn in for the night, a note—a very special note, as it turns out—arrived via my neocom accompanied by a delivery notice to my personal hangar. Both were from Richard Masseri, one of my members.

I wasn’t the only recipient; Richard showered all of the active ILF pilots with gifts! I can’t help but be touched by his selfless generosity. I’m also delightfully amused by the obvious thought and creativity he put into his yule gift to us:

Merry Yule
Shirt— It hasn’t got any gold on it. Yeah, asked the store manager, said, “You do realize I’m a member of the elite capsuleer force known as ILF who have been protecting your planet from those federal scumbags for so long?” He rolled his eyes and said that I looked just like the last twenty-two guys claiming to be capsuleers and that if I wanted custom shirts I could make them myself.

Long-limb Roes— I love some long-limb roes every now and again, especially at parties where they look incredibly posh and all the guests will think I’m one fancy guy. To be honest I’ve never been their greatest fan but I thought some of you might like them.

Spiced Wine— A warm glass of spiced wine is excellent this time of year… Well, in the north. I know you guys are mostly southerners so you might want to save it for when the weather creeps in or you could come and join me for a glass in my station quarters. Everyone is welcome.

Spirits— For those who have the stomach to fleet up with me I have a feeling you’ll be needing these. Not just for yourself, mind, there is quite a lot there. Might want to hand a crate or two to your crew. No, of course I’m not suggesting any of you should drink on the job! That would be very irresponsible, not to mention dangerous.

Marines x2— Well, being a member of ILF does sometimes make you a target for unwanted attention. Always good to have some guards around to keep you safe and these guys are as loyal as slaver hounds…oh. Hmm. That might not be the best or most tasteful way to put it but I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Clone Soldier Tag— I hear if your sec status gets low one of these will bring it up again. I’m sure none of you will need this but, well, just in case, aye.

Powergrid Implant— Most useful implant I have ever had. I won’t fly without it these days, just gives those fits an extra burst of power which in my opinion is all they normally ever need. I’m sure you will all find this rather useful and I wont be too annoyed if you just put it up for sale.

Camera Drones— Well these can be handy this time of year. I mean, mine looked pretty worn out so I’ve sent them away for an MOT and if your normal ones are still fine then maybe get them to take a few nice holiday snaps.

Neocoms— We can’t live without these guys so here is a couple of spares. If you ever find yourself in a pickle and don’t have one to hand well now you will.

Planetary Vehicles— I know, I know… But it’s really fast, goes from 0 – 120 in like…ok well I’m sure you’ll find a use for it. If not just give it to one of your marines.

Caldari Frig Skill Book— This goes with that other present just in case you couldn’t use it—now you have no excuse not to fly it!

AT Card— I love collecting stuff.

NEO YC Card— No, really I do, any little card, I just want all of them but I can never justify my position.

Last three gifts were a little big so I couldn’t fit them in the same box.

A Piece of Yule— So, it’s a little icy bit of winter. An ice flake, if a rather big one, stuck in a glass box so it cannot melt.

Temperate Command Center— Practical and helpful. If you haven’t done it yet, start a new business on Intaki today and boost that economy.

Have fun in that frig and make that starry night look pretty.

Anyway basically you guys are great. Thanks for putting up with me.

Thank you, Richard! You’re the best and it’s a privilege to fly with you.