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Category: Solitary Pilot

One Universe // One Journey

Solitary Pilot contains posts about my experiences playing the MMORPG EVE Online. Most of the older content is written in-character (from a roleplay perspective). Some familiarity with EVE will ensure the roleplay makes much more sense, but even if not, readers should still be able to get by.

The name “Solitary Pilot” comes from the EVE Online music track of the same name.

The Anniversary

The Anniversary

Thanks to Corelous Alterrian, Bataav, Saxon Hawke, and Jyotmimana Karana for their written material. The original posts are here.

Placid Region – Viriette Constellation – Intaki Prime
Intaki Cultural Center

Sakaane was partway through her round of the cultural center when she paused to step outside, wandering down a short flight of steps leading into the garden. The afternoon sun was warm and bright; she shielded her eyes to scan the green space and admire the elaborate decorations woven in amongst the myriad ferns and other flora the center’s grounds had to offer. The banner had been strung up and the acolytes were moving on to other tasks.

A gentle breeze ruffled her loose hair and the delicate velvet petals of the blossom pinned in it at her right ear, and brought with it the natural perfume of the thousands of flowers before her. She inhaled deeply, holding in the scent of her homeworld for a while before letting it out.

Beautiful, she thought. But, she also scanned the garden for other things, things which would not be quite so beautiful if they were there. Her hand wandered absently to her hip, reassuring her mind with a touch that her pistol was still holstered there. But all was quiet and peaceful in the garden. As it should be.



Thanks to Anais Castells, Bataav, and Saxon Hawke for participating.

Essence Region – Crux Constellation – Mies System

Camera drones trailed the last wreck as it sped along, caught up in the green glow of the tractor beam. Once in range, salvagers went to work on it, and finally, sensors reported retrieval of the hull’s remaining useful components. The salvagers automatically deactivated, followed a moment later by the tractor beam.

For a few minutes Sakaane watched the wreck as it slowly drifted away from her ship, wondering who the crew had been, how many of them had escaped death today, and whether they’d chosen or been forced into a life of servitude for the Serpentis.

Eighty ships, all of them now like this one.

She set course to return to the agent, relieved to leave the battlefield behind.

The scene was one she’d often seen in recent weeks. Suresha Hawke had gone on sabbatical at the end of August and since then the corp had been subdued, with many pilots keeping mainly to themselves. Noting a lack of suitable agents in the area, Sakaane had taken the opportunity to return to empire space to pick up odd jobs here and there. All but a few tasked her with the destruction of Serpentis assets.

Not that giving the pirates a bloody nose had lost its appeal. There was still much to be done to eliminate the drug-loving criminals from New Eden and Sakaane eagerly looked forward to that day. But lately dismay had crept in, ringing as a discordant undertone in each explosion she caused. Surely, with wave after wave of Core Barons, Corelatis Platoon Leaders and the like disintegrating under the heat of her turrets, they’d wise up and pull back, pack up and leave the area, if for no other reason than to simply stymie the flood of losses she wrought upon them. But no. The Serpentis forces seemed limitless and all too willing to be sacrificed.

Holoreel Convention – Part 7

Holoreel Convention - Part 7

Many thanks to Bataav for his valuable input and written contributions to the Holoreel RP.
An ebook of all seven parts of this ficlet can be found here.

Dodixie IX – Moon 20 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Sakaane slipped quietly back into bed and pulled the sheet up around herself. All the blankets were in a tangled heap on the floor, and while the room wasn’t actually cold, the air felt slightly chilled on her skin, still warm from the shower she’d just taken. She shifted onto her side, propping herself up on an elbow and resting her chin in one hand so she could watch Bataav sleep.

A single bead of water escaped from her still-damp hair and slipped between her shoulder blades, making her shiver. Shaking her head slightly, she reached back to wipe the moisture away; the movement brought the chronometer on his side of the bed into view, just ticking over the hour. The morning was nearly gone.

She quickly looked back to his profile, quiet and peaceful in slumber, and banished anxious thoughts about what tomorrow and the following days might bring.

He must have felt her watching him because he stirred and carefully cracked open one eye, then the other. A smile tugged at his lips as their gaze met and she felt her heart flutter the way it always did when he looked at her.

“Hi, sleepyhead,” she teased, reaching out to brush her fingers through his hair and stroke his forehead. “You dozed.”

His smile became a grin and he reached for her. “I can’t imagine why I was tired.”

Holoreel Convention – Part 6

Holoreel Convention - Part 6

Many thanks to Bataav for his valuable input and written contributions to the Holoreel RP.
An ebook of all seven parts of this ficlet can be found here.

Dodixie IX – Moon 20 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Bataav’s arms were still wrapped protectively around Sakaane when her voice woke him. There were no words, just notes of a song escaping from her randomly when she exhaled. He listened a while, eyes closed, and hoped it meant her subconscious had worked its way through the prior day’s events.

He carefully shifted back to have a look at her. She was sound asleep, her honey blonde hair tussled and loose everywhere. The cures on her face had done their work and dissipated overnight: no trace of bruising remained. Lifting the blanket, he examined her side. In the end the doctor had applied a second, more advanced triage cure which picked up and carried on where the first-aid kit’s epidermal patch had been inadequate for the task. The wound was nearly gone; a pale pink line remained and even as he watched it seemed to fade. In short order it would heal completely.

Good as new, he thought, tucking the blanket back around her shoulders and brushing his lips against her forehead. On the outside at least.

She stirred, her green eyes blinking sleepily awake.

“Hey you,” he said, his voice low. “How are you feeling?”

Sakaane’s head was full of remnants of jumbled dreams and her body felt stiff. She stretched to ease away the discomfort while remaining within his embrace. “Better. Tired still,” she said honestly and yawned. “What time is it?”

“No idea. Late I think. Did you know you talk in your sleep?”

Holoreel Convention – Part 5

Holoreel Convention - Part 5

Many thanks to Bataav for his valuable input and written contributions to the Holoreel RP.
An ebook of all seven parts of this ficlet can be found here.

Dodixie IX – Moon 20 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

The first panel of the day did not begin until 1100, so Bataav and Sakaane were afforded the opportunity to enjoy a lazy start to their day in her quarters before venturing out together for breakfast.

“The Economy” was a large presentation in which analysts from across New Eden discussed how the various markets in the cluster interacted with one another and how capsuleers were usually its driving force. They used terms like “pilot versus pilot” and “pilot versus everything else” to distinguish between conflicts where capsuleers shot each other and conflicts where capsuleers went after baseliner space-faring groups (or found those groups coming for them) and the resulting number of ships produced to replaced those that were destroyed.

Production and Destruction.

Production and Destruction.

Holoreel Convention – Part 4

Holoreel Convention - Part 4

Many thanks to Bataav for his valuable input and written contributions to the Holoreel RP.
An ebook of all seven parts of this ficlet can be found here.

Dodixie IX – Moon 20 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Sakaane looked up to see a very tall, black-haired woman passing by in the line of people still filing into the room. She wore combat fatigues and a military vest, and paused directly in front of Bataav at the sound of her name, looking first at him and then to Sakaane standing immediately beside him.

After a moment of cool scrutiny which took in everything about ILF pilots including the convention IDs hanging around their necks, recognition flashed through her blue eyes. Sanya stepped out of the line and squeezed into a spot beside them, offering her hand in greeting.

The trio wasn’t afforded an opportunity to say more than their hellos, for just then the doors to the room were closed and the presenter approached the podium.

He was something of a roly-poly Gallente gentleman, short, with tousled black hair and beard. He coughed and cleared his throat a great deal while getting his papers in order. The crowd in the room settled down as he began to speak.