I went to visit Mom for a few days. She’s doing well enough despite there being no change in her disposition. It’s very frustrating and disheartening. She did, at least, consent to a walk through the garden with me. She gets tired so easily though so it wasn’t long before we were back inside. I hope one day she’ll…come back to herself.

When I returned to space it was to poor news. Early on the 24th, before I left for home, pilots flying for the Payment on Demand alliance were in system bashing a tower owned by Docs Ruff Riders, and they’d verbally threatened Prosperity Station some hours before that.

Yesterday morning they returned and attacked the POS. It took them about two hours but they put it into reinforced. I’m told Lodik was among them. I suppose he needed to accomplish his balls again?…

Reinforcement ends tomorrow. In the meantime we’ve been out there working to repair the guns and batteries. It’s honestly tedious work but no one complains. Prosperity Station is not just important to us, but also to the well-being of Intaki in general. Everyone who can pitch in, is, including blues.

On a whim I contacted Comic Mischief. Although they are not ILF allies, Gabe once remarked to me that those guys aren’t above getting an easy kill, so I figured if we knew POD was going to be in a certain place at a certain time, they might like to hop in system and have at our reds. Instead I was treated to a lecture from Natalya about how POS defense is supposed to work. Granted, I’ve never participated in a tower defense operation before, but ILF has been maintaining Prosperity Station for a while. I was offended CM automatically assumed ILF needed a primer through me. In the end I made some excuse and disconnected from the channel simply to shut them up. Despite the attitude I still hope some show up. Every additional friendly pilot can help.

JOhnDrees > So, intaki liberation…. its gonna be kinda a shitty name when you get kicked the fuck outa here.

I think they’re in for a rude surprise.