We hit a noteworthy growth milestone today, experiencing our first incident of corporate theft. The culprit was a recent recruit, Katja Zhthrass. She attempted to make off with a stockpile of goods from the corp hangar.

Thankfully Devan has done his job well. Access to the corp hangars is regulated and restricted for new recruits. All the high-end technology and other such goods are locked away in the Director’s hangars. She could only make off with petty items kept in the unsecured general locker.

Being Director of Security, Devan called in the DED and they ended up coming upon a rather grisly discovery in the hangar bay. Someone had brought in a crate of slaver hounds, recovered from an illegal slave trader’s wreck, and I guess Zhthrass opened it…and met an untimely end.

This wouldn’t normally have been much of an issue, as she was a capsuleer like any other. Except that our accounting records turned up something else odd… She must have made use of an illegal cloning facility and something went wrong. She’s truly dead, which I’m not sure is just desserts after already being devoured by the hounds. But no family came forward, so TGPI was awarded a sum of approximately $300,000.00 ISK, being the default beneficiary of Ms. Zhthrass’s estate!

We all had a good chuckle over it. Meanwhile, the hounds have been sent to the humane service for rehab and adoption, and Devan will be putting the money toward buying additional security.

Just goes to show…crime doesn’t pay.