I’m laughing. POD never showed. Well, not until much later, after I-RED departed, and even then only Lodik smacked ineffectively in Local.

The defense today had over one hundred pilots in Intaki when Prosperity Station’s reinforcement timer ended. I’ve never seen it that crowded. There were twenty of us from the corp out there working on the POS, and sixty altogether in the ILF/I-RED fleet to defend the station.

Certain portions of both the Gallente and Caldari militias were present too. Interesting to see them both flying side by side us and each other all in defense of our station against pirate scum, although as the minutes ticked by the militias understandably grew uneasy. FDU in particular degenerated into their own smack of the State rather than actually doing much to help us. I suppose it’s the thought that counts but then…I wonder how much thought they had?

AncientGuardian assigned me permissions to fuel the POS in the future. I’ll need to remember to get some instruction on how to do that.

A cloud of allies

A cloud of allies

Early on while we were armor repping, Muppet Ninjas and KWFL warped in on us. I lost my Armageddon and then my pod, because after my ship exploded my capsule’s systems were overwhelmed and got stuck in a systems calibration loop. I was a sitting duck.

I’ve never been podded before. I might have taken more time to reflect on the experience when I woke up a few moments after the blow that split my capsule open, if not for the rage and urgency I felt when I realized that a system error occurred and instead of waking up in the spare clone I had prepared ahead of time in Intaki, I was in…Stacmon!

I’m not sure what the technicians or station security thought as my naked body streaked past as I ran to the nearest hangar. I don’t even remember the trip back to Intaki but I made it back unscathed.

No one from Comic Mischief showed up other than ShiftKey. He managed to recover my corpse (oh joy) before the POS blew him up… But the militia pilots who had shown up to “help” us salvaged the Armageddon and took the rest.

After that there were no more fireworks in system before I turned in for the night. A great deal of us, including pilots from I-RED, basically spent the time repping the POS and that was it.