Ah, sweet revenge, how I love your delicate flavor.

I regularly make patrols of the Intaki belts. Serpentis are often found in them apparently lying in wait to harass miners, and I’m happy to use the pirates for target practice. By the time I arrived at VII B2 I’d had several engagements and my ship’s armor was down by thirty percent.

I’d just cleared the belt and was preparing to warp back to station to repair when Thingymawotzit of KWFL jumped in system. By chance or by design, he warped into the belt about thirty klicks from me just as I was getting aligned and up to speed. My trajectory brought me toward him, and his MWD ensured the gap closed so he could get his scram on me.

Thingymawotzit was in the gang that blew me up at the POS on Friday night so I was determined to get him once he forced the battle. He launched drones, I launched drones, and it was on.

The battle was very close… Bataav attempted to come to my rescue but in the heat of the moment I slipped up and provided incorrect coordinates. I think if I hadn’t overloaded my guns it’s possible Thingymawotzit could have taken me out considering the advantage he had due to my ship’s preexisting damage. I had only five percent armor left when he popped.

When I reported the engagement later I was told I’d just downed KWFL’s best pilot. This was my first solo kill.