I participated in a joint I-RED and ILF fleet op last night. It turned out to be the largest capsuleer fleet I’ve been in to date; eight of us plus lots of I-RED and a few others for a group of twenty in all. Alas, there was no joy as we patrolled, which I suppose is good in that the systems were not crawling with undesirables. I-RED took us into nullsec and we didn’t find any targets there either.

A surprise was waiting for us when we arrived in Vlillirier and Alsavoinon: a forty-plus ship fleet fielded by Wildly Inappropriate on both sides of the gate:

OMG it's a blob!

OMG it’s a blob!

OMG it's a bigger blob!

OMG it’s a bigger blob!

Just about everyone in our fleet escaped. I had to burn back to gate in the hope of making it through to break the enemy’s lock; I’d been targeted and thankfully hits only started landing just as I jumped. I-RED escorted us back to Intaki after that and we docked up for a break.

Devan meant to join us at this point, but while the rest of us were still in station he was jumped at the Agoze gate in Intaki and lost his Hurricane.

Mammal decided to take us back out again right away for a jaunt through Placid. We ran through the Intaki sov systems a few times, and coming through Agoze found a Maelstrom sitting on the Ost gate. He targeted the fleet but didn’t engage, and neither did we. It was kind of a staring contest, all our battlecruisers hanging idle around a battleship, waiting for someone to flinch first. I started to wonder if anything would happen at all.

In the end, the Maelstrom flinched first and it was on! He was shield repping pretty fast so Mammal ordered us to overload, and in the end we got him. Another final blow for me, too!

Too bad hammerof thegods, a red who appeared and whored in on the fight, got away. It would have been nice to add his name to today’s kill list. Next time…