Since the 10th, Devan and I have done little other than watch for reports of news from Seyllin.

I’m saddened by this tragedy and I know it’s not the first he’s witnessed but I have never seen Devan inconsolable like this before. The first few days, each time Scope News returned to broadcast an “update”, he rushed to the display to watch. It was more than the simple compulsion many people feel to look when there has been an accident or a disaster… He was desperate for any scrap of information. But inevitably those “updates” turned out to be little more than a rehash of all the previous broadcasts we’d already seen, and he would turn away dejected, falling into an agitated silence where I was sure he would wear out the deck from pacing.

He comes from a close-knit family of miners. But when Devan gave up their tradition to enlist in the navy they sadly became estranged. Even after he left the navy and returned, at least partially, to those traditions, the rift between them was never really closed and to date none of them keep in much contact with him or vice versa. He’s had little idea of where they were or what project they might be working on. So when news of Seyllin hit…he assumed the worst, that they might be there.

Thankfully, in the days since then the comm channels have calmed down some and he was able to obtain word through his Federal Intel contacts that none of his family were in the area, nor any others where the strange wormhole phenomena have cropped up with destructive force. That eased his mind greatly. I’ve urged him to take this as an opportunity to strengthen ties with his family. So many others lost their loved ones this week, and it could have been quite possible his family might have been among them under other circumstances. He is lucky…

With that stress eased, now we mostly watch for news regarding these strange wormholes. The CreoDron expedition has Devan fascinated and I’m glad he has this to distract him from dwelling further on thoughts of what could have been. Both of us are just sorry such an event had to come to New Eden at such a high cost.