Another envelope, sealed, was waiting for me when I arrived at the Astral IPI office today. My aide tells me a courier came, like before, and when he was told I wasn’t in yet, left it with him, and he placed it on my desk for me. Karan said he was a nice, polite man, so I imagine it was the same one as last time. I’ve asked him to try to delay the courier from leaving if he sees him again.

Like the last delivery, there was a photograph in the envelope. When I compare them, it seems to me that the second shot is zoomed in on an area from the first.

It’s still out of focus so doesn’t show as much as it could, but it does show more than its predecessor. It’s maybe only half as blurred… What I thought of before as the man-made blob looks like a deck or patio and there could be someone sitting in a chair on it.

Now I am starting to worry. This photo provokes an unnerving feeling of familiarity: in a way it reminds me of the yard at the back of my home, though some of the (sort of visible) details are off from when I was last there. And why would someone take photos like this of the patio?

I asked Aranza about it. She said she’s not spent any time on the patio recently. The commandos have no reason to make still images either, and I can’t imagine they’d randomly send them to me even if they did. Bataav agrees; he thinks the photo only looks like the backyard and must obviously still have been meant for someone else. He had everything analyzed and other than not being able to tell what the pictures are truly of, there is nothing else to be learned about them.

I should probably just toss them out.