After a few last rounds, and jabs, and general tom foolery, the discussion about War In Intaki seems to have exhausted itself.

Alain Octirant, Diana Kim, and I had more to say to each other:

Originally by: Alain Octirant

Ah, my dear lady, such wonderous use of invective. Have you considered a career in politics? The Party could use a young vibrant go-getter like yourself! Let me know if you would consider an internship!

Thank you, but no. I do not consider myself a “Fed”; I have no interest in your politics; my heart will always be with my people and no others.

Originally by: Alain Octirant

Does is concern you at all that your organisation has a track record of collaboration with the state? That’s right, your Placid terrorists are a regular fifth column of the State, with a proven history of working with that Caldari Butcher, Damar Rocarion.

Does that give you pause?

I will thank you to not sink to the State’s level in twisting anything you can get your hands on simply to suit your political agenda. You wish to attract me to your side in one breath and then spit on my comrades and smear the ILF’s good name with the next? Poor form indeed, Mr Octirant. Do not wonder then when I remind you I wish the Federation to be ousted from the Intaki sov area just as much as I wish the State to be.

As for the ILF’s activities, our diplomats work tirelessly to negotiate and maintain positive relationships with a great many organizations across New Eden regardless of affiliation. Your use of the word “collaboration” is offensive; the ILF has a strict, and publicly accessible, policy regarding interactions with any militia.

Perhaps you ought to consider that, in the past when certain of these organizations and their members (including the aforementioned butcher) have been seen to interact with ILF pilots, they were donating their time freely to assist our cause, not the other way around.

Yes, my distaste for the State interfering in Placid, and Intaki in particular, is quite clear. However, unlike yourself I am open-minded enough to concede Korsavius’s earlier point to me that a spectrum of Caldari opinion exists. Ishukone itself is the least of all Caldari evils and their behavior in Intaki, all issues of the auction aside, highlights the potential the State could achieve if it was ever so inclined to utilize brains instead of brawn.

Originally by: Diana Kim

Well, since you prefer to judge us without knowing us, I can only one thing left to say.

Your suggestion is acceptable.

Please, do it.

Originally by: Diana Kim

Well, you right. But unlike Eionell, the Federation is the enemy. I judge them and I know should they catch me, I will be framed and tortured and whatever, like putting me in the same cargo container with slaver hounds.

I am ready to judge them, torture them and kill them, knowing they will do to me the same. It’s my destiny and it’s my fate, and I will bear it to the bitter end.

Diana, you continue to teach everyone else all the wrong lessons about your people. Do you never hear yourself speak?

Even you, of all people, have a choice about your destiny.

Then, finally, my parting words, to which there was no further reply:

Originally by: Alain Octirant

Ah, my dear lady, you wound me.

I trust then you will more carefully consider your words the next time you make an attempt at recruitment!

Originally by: Alain Octirant

The events to which I refer prefigure your time in the ILF, but I assure you, before the PR department got its heads screwed on straight, your dear friends helped the Caldari roll into Intaki by shooting Federal plexers en masse in fleets with Damar Rocarion.

Considering your earlier proclamations and your political alignment, I find your statement highly biased and therefore suspect, and will pay it no heed.

Originally by: Alain Octirant

That aside, you are mistake to place so much faith in Ishukone. As I’ve said before, and I’ll say again:

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

Recognizing Ishukone as the least of all Caldari evils does not equate to having faith in it. In any spectrum there must inevitably be something at the “least” end, while yet another something occupies the “greatest” end, and everything else falls somewhere in between. Ishukone happens to fall at the “least” end due to some of its redeeming qualities, that is all.

Originally by: Richard Wensbane

The Gallente aren’t wanted there (they never took good care of the place anyway). Truth be told, after our previous occupation, neither are we.

My goodness. A Caldari who can see reason! Please do continue promoting this particular view.

Originally by: Alain Octirant

If you think that your people are blameless for the current troubles, then you’d better rename your country from ‘Caldari State’ to ‘Fantasyland’.

This wound will never heal by constantly hacking at the scab. The argument between the Gallente and the Caldari is over a century old. What does it matter now who is to blame, or who started it? Live in the present. It is enough that the conflict exists; it needs to end so all the rest of us can live in peace too.

The problem is, the conflict will continue to exist as long as both sides persist in pointing the finger at one another. The conflict will continue to exist as long as both sides are too prideful and arrogant to admit their own mistakes and let go of the past. The conflict will continue to exist as long as both sides give in to old habits and never strive to be the better people.

No one can change what happened back then, so what is to be gained by constantly dragging up ancient history and perpetuating those mistakes? Why drag in other nations such as mine?

When will the Federation swallow its pride and acknowledge it harms itself by stubbornly holding onto land which other people have such a great personal connection to, and original claim to, all for the sake of a line arbitrarily drawn on a map?

When will the State swallow its arrogance and acknowledge it harms itself by stubbornly clinging to the idea it must obliterate the Federation in order to regain what it has lost? Claiming Intaki will not bring the Caldari one iota closer to reclaiming their homeworld. Concentrate on Luminaire, and leave us alone.

Originally by: Bataav

Especially when the Federal Nationalist Party have something gift wrapped.

Originally by: Alain Octirant in response to Sakaane Eionell

Have you considered a career in politics? The Party could use a young vibrant go-getter like yourself! Let me know if you would consider an internship!

Do not worry, Kaint’Ahm. I will not fall prey to this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

All in all, a good experience. I’m not sure what, if anything, will come of it, but it helped me learn a few things about others, and about myself.