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Character Meme

This character meme was a fun way to explore other aspects of my characters! Caution: Although the answers overall are non-canon, there is some discussion below which would be mild spoilers for several aspects of All Our Sins.

Choose twelve of your original characters, in no particular order. Then, answer the questions that follow, but don’t look at the questions before you pick the characters!

Solitary Pilot Artwork

Ebook Collections

There are story arcs on Solitary Pilot spanning numerous entries which took months (if not years) to write. By collecting the related posts together, readers are now able to enjoy complete narratives from the comfort of their tablet or eReader.

7th Annual Impetus Holoreel Convention

March, YC113. Thousands of allies and rivals from across the cluster have temporarily set aside their differences to travel to Dodixie, a star system in the heart of the Gallente Federation. There they will share drinks with one another, forge new friendships, and party hard at the Impetus Holoreel Convention, a massive gathering of capsuleers celebrating all facets of life in war-torn New Eden.

Among them are Sakaane Eionell and Bataav en Gravonere, two pilots from the Intaki Liberation Front keen to meet each other face to face for the first time. But their vacation brings more than they bargained for when a pirate seizes the opportunity for revenge, forcing Sakaane to begin questioning the truth about her family’s past.

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More eBook Collections will be posted Soon™!


Following is a timeline of events notable to Sakaane’s history.
Note: Employment history in YC110 has been adjusted for roleplay purposes so will not jive with the in-game character sheet.





  • 11.10 – Second appearance of anonymous benefactor.
  • 10.24 – Sakaane returns to the ILF.
  • 09.22 – Speaks with Suresha Hawke and realizes her loyalties.
  • 09.18 – Leaves the ILF for a one-month training sabbatical.
  • 08.15 – Accepted to Intaki Liberation Front.
  • 07.24 – Gabriel Alkest gets back in touch.
  • 05.22 – Prepares with Devan Corvel to leave Golden Phoenix Inc.
  • 05.11 – Meets Bataav via “FreeIntaki”.
  • 05.11 – Learns of the Intaki Liberation Front.
  • 03.21 – Devan and Sakaane’s relationship ends.
  • 03.06 – Devan becomes CEO of Golden Phoenix Inc.


  • 11.22 – Attends Nailo Zook’s wedding on the Crystal Boulevard.
  • 11.17 – Senate denies votes to inhabitants of occupied systems.
  • 10.13 – First appearance of anonymous benefactor.
  • 08.20 – Begins to feel a need to return to Intaki.
  • 08.20 – Ishukone wins development rights to Intaki.
  • 05.01 – Standard of living on Intaki Prime is in decline.
  • 03.27 – Violent response to Caldari occupation of Intaki.


  • 12.07 – Sakaane finds something special.
  • 11.25 – Promoted to Director of Personnel of TGPI.
  • 09.03 – Moves to Bereye and meets TGPI.
  • 09.02 – Resigns from the Federal Navy and joins Golden Phoenix Inc.
  • 09.02 – Leadership of Federation Navy called into question.
  • 08.25 – CalNavy attacks vs FedNavy increase near Black Rise.
  • 07.28 – Asked to handle a case of stolen arms.
  • 06.10 – Tibus Heth conquers Caldari Prime.
  • 06.10 – President Foiritan orders ceasefire.
  • 06.10 – Deployed with Federation fleet to Tierijev.
  • 06.10 – Gallente declare war on Caldari.
  • 06.10 – Caldari Navy invasion of Luminaire via Kassigainen.
  • 05.22 – Participates in Fed/Min Navy “Brotherhood” exercise.
  • 05.15 – Nyx crashes into Ishukone headquarters.
  • 05.09 – Meets Gabriel Alkest.
  • 03.14 – Placed into active service with Federal Navy.
  • 03.09 – Graduates from the Federal Navy Academy.



  • 02.09 – Reschard V rocked by planetary explosion.


  • 05.25 – Issued first training capsule.
  • 01.13 – SCC diplomats slain in pirate attack in Vey.


  • 02.20 – Accepted into Federal Navy Academy.
  • 02.19 – Arrives at Scolluzer VII – Moon 3 – Federal Navy Academy.
  • 02.19 – Capsule-Bound.
  • 02.17 – Finishes liquidating assets to purchase frigate.
  • 02.08 – Released from hospital.


  • 11.02 – Surviving passengers are rescued.
  • 10.31 – Passenger liner is attacked by Serpentis.
  • 10.31 – Departs Intaki with family to attend a talent scout event.

Who’s Who

The following characters are in some way important or notable in Sakaane’s lifetime.
New characters are listed once they gain some significance to her.
Descriptions may evolve over time as Sakaane’s relationship with these characters change but
important spoilers are avoided if possible.

A Civire commando under Bataav’s command. Assigned to Sakaane as a bodyguard in YC114.

anonAnonymous Benefactor
An unknown person who occasionally deposits untraceable sums of ISK in Sakaane’s account, especially after she’s had a bad day. The messages which accompany these deposits suggest the anonymous benefactor is well aware of Sakaane’s activities.

Ilaayda Eionell’s caregiver until YC114. Head housekeeper of the Eionell estate. An older Intaki woman who finds she does not mind the company of commandos in ‘her’ house.

bataavBataav en Gravonere
Sakaane’s lover and best friend. He is diplomat for both IPI and ILF and in YC115 became Mahesha of ILF. Bataav has a mysterious past that he reveals in small pieces, and only to those he trusts.

daracDarac Rin
A Civire Serpentis pirate scumbag with a personal vendetta against the Eionell family. He’s not a nice man.

devanDevan Corvel
Sakaane’s close friend and former lover.

ericEric Nevera
Devan’s Deteis wingman and something of a stick in the mud. Hates having his sleep interrupted.

blankIlaayda Eionell
Sakaane’s mother. She enjoyed gardening and watching the fireflies come out at dusk. The only word she spoke after YC105 was “no”. Deceased YC114.

jamesJames Syagrius
A Gallente patriot and businessman that Sakaane rarely sees eye to eye with. Somehow, they find themselves coming into each other’s orbit from time to time.

blankKiraeni Eionell
Sakaane’s younger brother; the ‘green’ (earth) twin. Always grounded but he adored Maekari. He probably would have committed his life to studying Ida. Deceased YC105.

blankMaekari Eionell
Sakaane’s younger brother; the ‘yellow’ (air) twin. Often had his head in the clouds and liked to doodle. He might have pursued starship and station design. Deceased YC105.

nasiirNasiir Eionell
Sakaane’s father. A devout follower of Ida during Sakaane’s lifetime, though he kept his true background hidden from his daughter. Deceased YC105.

Owner/bartender of Deck 17 Bar ‘n’ Grill. An older Intaki man, he’s particularly protective of Sakaane.

saxonSaxon Hawke
Former CEO and Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, now a spiritual advisor that spends much of his time in seclusion. An unwitting father figure to Sakaane.

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet

  • Name/DED Callsign: Sakaane Eionell
  • AKA: Sak, Sakaane
  • Bloodline: Intaki
  • Date of Birth: February 3, YC83
  • Place of Birth: Intaki Prime
  • Height: 170cm (5’7″)
  • Weight: 56.7kg (125lbs)
  • Hair Color: Honey blonde
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Political Alignment: Intaki Separatist
  • Employment History: Intaki Liberation Front (current); Tantalus Inc.; The Golden Phoenix Inc.; Federal Navy Academy
  • Status: Clear
  • DED Threat Assessment: Low

Data queries in YC114 suggest this capsuleer may have solicited information concerning certain prohibited technologies. Information trace on this subject is inconclusive and no record of criminal activity exists to date. See also: Darac Rin (case file #DR-895OH-W41I.YC114) and Milo Caman (case file #MC-38R5N-LCC2.YC114)

Subject specializes in Amarr ship classes. Openly aggressive concerning the Serpentis and demonstrates anti-State and anti-Federation sentiment where Intaki is concerned. Willing to engage hostile ships. Promoted to Pasha of Aditipala (ILF) ca. Apr YC113. Promoted to Isha-Sainika (ILF) ca. Oct YC113. Appointed leader (“Suresha”, an Intaki term meaning “supreme leader of all leaders”) of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) ca. Feb YC114 and of the Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) ca. Jun YC115. Resigned as Suresha ca. Mar YC120. Current activities: Unknown.

Personality Assessment: Subject is fiercely loyal to her ideals and trusted friends. She values honesty and sincerity. Independent in nature but occasionally shy regarding personal matters. Her approach to other people varies from formal and reserved to warm and light-hearted depending on the nature of the association. Subject is Reborn and was raised according to Ida however psychological assessment indicates spiritual uncertainty in these areas stemming from events in YC106.

Physical Assessment: Healthy Intaki female. Toned, slim build. Average height. Medical history indicates extensive surgery and physical rehabilitation in YC106. Avoids all controlled substances including alcohol. No cybernetic enhancements other than standard capsuleer implants. Subject maintains close-quarters combat and firearm training (skill assessment: adept). Noted to wear a personal sidearm following service with FNA until late YC110; readopted ca. Apr YC113.

Known Associations: Subject is romantically involved with Bataav en Gravonere (case file #BG-49ZSI-FQ78.YC113). Maintains relations with various capsuleers and capsuleer organizations, most notably Saxon Hawke, Morwen Lagaan, Katrina Oniseki (Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive).